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We work at the intersections of art, science, and society.

We use graphics, storytelling, music, digital media, and other expressive forms to craft new knowledge, innovate science communication, and facilitate creative scholarship.

Michiel Van Oudheusden is a sociologist of science and a former Marie Curie Individual Research Fellow with a passion for science, art, and innovation. He has led research projects on citizen science and responsible innovation at the universities of Cambridge and Leuven. He is a musician with two CD releases. He loves brewing, pouring, and tasting tea. 

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Hans Boeykens is an independent award-winning illustrator whose work has appeared in children’s books, science fiction magazines, and romance tales. He has three dogs and is a passionate landscape gardener.


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Sheila Gardener is a chorister and a personal vocal coach, who trains actors, musicians, and children to sing from their hearts and guts. She frequently holds yoga retreats in the mountains. Her life motto is: There is no empty canvas.

Philip D. teaches guitar at various academies in Belgium. He has performed with rock, pop, and jazz bands since his teenage years. He writes music for podcasts and radio shows. He has never had a cavity.


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